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- 30x30 inches on wood panel

- Mixed media with collage and spray paint.

- From the 'Fame & Fortune' series


About the artwork:


This portrait pays homage to the iconic rapper Notorious B.I.G. New York is featured at the top of piece, in the style of New York Times, symbolizing the profound influence that the media had on his life... and death.


This artwork was made to be displayed next to Tupac (LA), highlighting the relationship between the two rappers and shedding light on the impact the media played in fueling the feud between them.


About the series:

Blending the visual language of street art with traditional fine art techniques  ‘Fame and Fortune’ takes a critical look at pop culture. This series juxtaposes the glamour of celebrity with the realities of how icons are often viewed, consumed and exploited. Dunce emphasizes this point by utilizing the grittiness of torn up street posters he has reclaimed from city walls and billboards.

Biggie (New York)

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