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Dunce is an emerging visual artist based out of the Calgary, Canada.

His practice is grounded in the culture of graffiti and street art. His work combines spray paint, stencils and wheat paste with more traditional fine art techniques. The result is a unique style that blends street art and fine art into one.

Dunce’s work takes defining elements of street art and combines them with an array of nostalgic mixed media including vintage magazines, comics and photographs. Taking inspiration from the pop art movement he commonly employs themes of reproduction and repetition throughout his work. While his work appears playful he often hides deeper meanings within his pieces that explore cultural topics, history and social commentary.



The name ‘Dunce’ was a graffiti tag born in 2010, after I created a Banksy inspired five foot tall stencil for a student art show based on an old image of a student wearing a dunce cap. I should add, this was a controversy at my high school and it was quickly removed from the show!


Dunce became a creative outlet to poke fun and have a voice. The name eventually just stuck.

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