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Capturing life in London and Rome, made with a piece of the city itself. 

These latest abstract pieces are made with street posters collected on a recent trip to Europe.


April 2023 - Gallery Merrick in Victoria BC

Dunce will be unveiling a series of Drag Queen street art portraits as part of Gallery Merrick’s 5 year anniversary event. 


Gallery Merrick, 1806 Government St, Victoria B.C.


August 2023 - Roxy Theater in Edmonton AB

Dunce will be revealing his largest body of work to date including portraits, large scale abstract pieces and street art inspired sculptures. In collaboration with McQueen Agency.


Roxy Theater, 10708 124 St, Edmonton AB


Dunce Art's background lies in street art and his work combines spray paint, stencils and wheat paste with more traditional fine art practices.


The result is a unique style that blends street art and fine art into one.

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