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Who is Dunce?

Dunce is an emerging visual artist based out Calgary, Alberta.

His practice is grounded in the culture of graffiti and street art. His work combines spray paint, stencils and wheat paste with more traditional fine art techniques. The result is a unique style that blends street art and fine art into one.

 Solo Show: Fame & Fortune

Currently on display at the Miller Art Gallery in Edmonton

Running September 8th through October 5th


This series juxtaposes the glamour of celebrity with the realities of how icons are often viewed, consumed and exploited. DUNCE emphasizes this by utilizing the grittiness of torn up street posters he has reclaimed from city walls

and billboards.

Featured Work

Get in Touch

Dunce is represented by MCQUEEN Agency. For inquiries, media, or acquisition requests you can contact

Studio located in Calgary, Alberta

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